Eleanor has been my mentor helping me get to grips with working as a HR Consultant.

A message from Eleanor

A message from Eleanor

Are you thinking about the possibility of running your own HR consultancy but worried about finding clients, about pricing, branding, what services to offer and how to do it?

I was in the same boat – I started from scratch, made mistakes along the way and learned a lot… But I now have an excellent business model for small business HR consultancy that really works. I have the brand, the marketing methods, the products, the values, the systems I use to work with clients and contacts all in place. I know how to make a success of small business HR consultancy and what kind of person will do well at it.

Developing my own consultancy was an incredible journey, but a difficult one and I want people like me who want the things I wanted when I started the business to have what I have now without the tough bits first. I want others to be able to jump right in and get cracking knowing they have a step-by-step model that works, plenty of support and all the peripheral business stuff that takes up so much of my time taken care of for them.

I now spend most of my time helping other HR professionals achieve their dream of a combination of good work-life balance, professional fulfilment, flexibility and independence. If you’re interested in finding out more about working with me, give me a call or download our prospectus to read about how it all works.


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