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    How much does it cost to buy a franchise and how much will I earn?

    For details of costs and projected income, download our prospectus here.

    Would I be working for you?

    No, our consultants all own their own businesses, so while they operate within our brand and offering our products and services, they don’t work for us, they work for themselves.

    When I sign a franchise agreement do I need to launch my business right away?

    Not at all. We have some consultants who wanted to get going (and start earning!) straight away, but equally there are others who wanted to delay launch so that they could start their business at the time that best suited their individual circumstances. As long as we know this at the start we are happy to wait.

    Do I need a lawyer to check my franchise agreement?

    We would always encourage potential franchise partners to seek independent legal advice on the agreement they are considering signing, and we would recommend you find a solicitor who specialises in franchise agreements for this.

    What happens if someone from outside my territory contacts me or refers me to someone?

    That is totally fine. The territory restrictions apply only to your marketing activities, there is no requirement to hand over leads or referrals from outside your territory to anyone else, or to share income generated from those leads – those are yours!

    There are no other face2faceHR consultants in the next door territories to me, can I market there?

    If you wish to market yourself outside your defined territory and there are no other consultants nearby, this is likely to be acceptable however you must check with us first.

    Do I have to operate in the territory I actually live in?

    No not at all. Clearly for convenience most consultants prefer to do this, but in some cases they are more familiar or comfortable operating in a neighbouring territory instead, and this is fine.

    I might be interested but I’m not sure. Can I just have an informal chat on the phone first?

    Absolutely, and this is what we usually do. If you would like to find out more, get in touch and we’ll arrange a time for Eleanor to speak to you on the phone. This is very much an informal chat to answer the questions you are likely to have and to find out a bit more about you. If you want to take it further after that, and Eleanor would also like to, the next stage would be a meeting.

    Will you give me clients?

    No we won’t, but what we will do is tell you exactly what you need to do (and exactly how to do it) in order to get clients, and provide you with all the tools and training you need to do that successfully.

    Would I need my own limited company?

    You could either have your own limited company operating under our brand, or you could do so as a self-employed sole trader – either is absolutely fine so it would be up to you to look into which would suit you best.

    How quickly can I launch after signing my agreement?

    We can do a launch in a month. There’s loads to do to prepare for it, most of which is done by us, some by you, and the biggest part of that is your training, but there is no reason you can’t launch your business a month after signing your agreement if you want to get going quickly.

    I understand my franchise relates to a protected territory. What does this mean?

    It means your marketing activities are restricted to the defined area in question. So for example networking events outside your territory are restricted.

    But there is no restriction on where your clients are located, and if you get leads in from another area, those are yours, with no requirement to pass them on to another consultant, or to relinquish a share of income generated from those leads.

    How have your territories been designed?

    This process was carried out for us by a professional franchise territory design company. They conducted a careful exercise assessing what level of small and medium sized businesses was optimal, what physical geographical area was most desirable and a number of other factors and came up with the territories.They also took into account local factors such as transport networks, town boundaries and geographical features to ensure each territory is manageable. All the territories have a very similar number of potential clients in them and they are all plenty big enough to make a very successful HR consultancy business.

    Can I speak to one of your existing franchise partners to find out how they’ve found it?

    Yes that’s absolutely fine, and we encourage it. However we do ask that you don’t attempt to contact them directly. They are busy people with clients to work for, and although they’re always happy to oblige, talking to potential franchise partners is a favour they do us. For that reason we think it’s better if the request to speak to you comes from us and can therefore be arranged to suit them.