Our one-to-one approach to training

Unlike some other companies, we don’t have what has been described to me as a “sheep dip” approach to training, where new franchise partners are all put through identical training. Instead we tailor it to the individual needs of the HR professional we are working with.

We recruit partners who are experienced and knowledgeable, but also firmly on the basis that they need to have the right personal attributes to be successful in this business. Having worked with small business clients for several years, we know how to engage them and can “spot” the right personality to do well in this environment.

This means firstly that although someone might be hugely experienced and qualified, we wouldn’t take them on unless they also had the right personality type to make a success of it. Secondly, as we prioritise personal attributes, and because partners and potential partners come from different backgrounds and with different experiences and skills, we don’t think it is right to put them all through identical training.

Our bespoke training covers five different modules, but inevitably some partners will need more guidance in some areas but less in others. We work with new consultants to identify those areas of our training modules which are most important and focus on those, to ensure they are comfortable in all areas and fully prepared to deliver our services to their clients.

This means of course that delivering of training is on a one-to-one basis as well. New consultants spend an average of a week having intensive one-to-one sessions with us. Because it’s one-to-one we can continue to tailor the training as we go, and spend time answering questions and exploring areas of individual interest and concern, without being tied to a timetable or to the needs of a group of people.

An extra bonus of training being completed in this way is that we have a great opportunity to get to know the new franchise partner better, and of course for them to get to know us. We are going to be working together for some time, and it’s vital this working relationship is as constructive and supportive as possible, and that it works in the way the new franchise partner finds suits them best.

If you’re looking for a new challenge in your HR career, either now or in the future, do get in touch.