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    We like to think we achieve the business model our franchisees are hoping for. Here are a few words from our consultants.

    A year ago, if someone had told me I’d be running my own HR consultancy business, I wouldn’t have believed them – and I wouldn’t be doing it now without Eleanor’s support. Her common sense, practical approach to HR and business is a breath of fresh air, and knowing that I have someone to talk to who’s been there and done it is hugely reassuring. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend for any HR professionals wanting to make the move into consultancy.

    Kathryn Rodgers, HR Consultant face2faceHR Nottingham

    Eleanor is a fantastic mentor and I value her advice and guidance, which is always practical and straightforward. What attracted me to work with Eleanor was the fact that she allows you to take your business in the direction you want to, within the framework and support of the face2faceHR brand. Due to her support I was able to be fully client-focussed from the start and won work really quickly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Eleanor and face2faceHR Partners to other HR professionals who may be considering launching their own consultancy business.

    Jane Fryatt, HR Consultant face2faceHR Abingdon

    I first met Eleanor in May 2015, almost a year before I launched as a face2faceHR Consultant. During those months in between she made sure I was fully equipped, trained and supported. Allowing me that flexibility to approach a challenging change to my career path at my own speed really made a huge difference. 

    Since launching in 2016 she has been with me every step of the way; from driving “Up North” to be there for me on my launch day, to regular one to one meetings and advice whenever I have needed it. As her first franchisee in the north, I could have felt isolated, but she has made sure I feel part of the team. 

    Eleanor’s values and approach to both HR and running a business really resonated with me and her advice, guidance and the infrastructure she has provided me with have been invaluable.  

    Helen Christie, HR Consultant face2faceHR Bury

    Eleanor has been so supportive since I started the face2faceHR Cambridge franchise.

    The materials and direction provided have meant that rather than spending months preparing to start my business and making mistakes, I’ve really been able to get out there and win clients from day 1, using tried and tested methods.

    The support offered has been flexible yet focussed, and so much more tailored to me and my needs than other off the shelf franchise packages I looked at.

    I now have exactly what I wanted from a business; freedom, flexibility, and success, and support and mentoring when I need it too.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Eleanor to anyone looking to take the plunge into self-employment.

    Kirsten Smith, HR Consultant, face2faceHR Cambridge

    Having thoroughly researched the HR franchise market, and being somewhat disheartened at the relatively high level of investment required for what appeared to be rather vague promises of support in both business development and technical knowledge, I was delighted to then come across face2faceHR partners. Eleanor Deem, the Principal, is unlike others I’d met. Thoroughly explicit about the proposition, what you would have to invest (entirely reasonable) and most importantly, offering very high levels of personal credibility and knowledge, she immediately fills a potential franchisee with confidence.

    Eleanor is ‘can do’ and backs up her brand promise with detailed and highly researched products and marketing tools, as well as tailored training and support to fill individual knowledge gaps, rather than a ‘sheep dip’ approach. Being an HR professional herself, and having learnt from being an independent business before setting up face2faceHR partners, she brings a wealth of marketing and sector knowledge to the table, as well as very high levels of employment law expertise. Eleanor is also very easy to ‘do business with’, either from a client or franchisee perspective, and creates a culture of collaboration.

    Lindy Petts, potential franchisee