“Eleanor is a fantastic mentor and I value her advice and guidance, which is always practical and straightforward.”

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    Once you’ve decided you want to go ahead and launch your own HR consultancy with us, you probably want to get going as soon as possible – the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be making money and doing the work you want to do!

    But setting up a new business and getting to the stage where the launch is as effective as possible involves a lot of work. So we’ve designed a programme to guide you through the process from start to finish, making sure that not only is everything logistically ready for your launch date, but more importantly, you feel fully ready too.

    The programme is designed with training and other activities each week, combined with support from us, and has been developed to take you through everything in a logical way.

    It covers the following areas:

    Business management – getting everything you need set up, using our experience and guidance to make sure you don’t miss anything and have it all sorted so you’re not playing ‘catch-up’ later.

    Products and services – making sure you understand how products and services for our clients are designed and why, what services we offer, how to talk about them in a way clients will engage and buy them, so that you are fully confident in what you’ll be doing.

    Marketing – covering everything from an overview of exactly who the target market is and what the key marketing messages and principles are, to all the different elements of our marketing model and exactly how to do them as effectively as possible. You’ll find out how to get recommended; how to differentiate yourself from the competition; what marketing resources we have available and how to use them.

    Client management – all about who your clients will be, understanding their usual issues, problems, concerns, traits and attributes; and how face2faceHR work with clients (and why our approach works so well).

    Welcome to face2faceHR

    Our ‘Fledgling’ programme is designed to take you through the pre-launch phase, from start to finish of setting up your HR consultancy.

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