“Her knowledge on employment law is exemplary. She has been my sounding board as I have settled into the role.”

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  • The face2faceHR PlayBook

    The cornerstone of the face2faceHR support system is the Playbook; a bespoke guide which takes away the guesswork of running a business. You will have access to the face2faceHR Playbook, which will give clear, step-by-step guidance for every aspect of running your business, including:


    What you need to do to bring in clients, and how to do it in a way that we know works.


    What steps you need to take once you have a potential new client to make sure the client signs up with you, and how to handle and keep the clients you get and ensure they refer you to others.


    A step by step guide to designing documents that meet the needs of the client and how to price them to maximise your profits.

    Client documents

    Client documents drafted for you such as terms of business and engagement letters (drafted bespoke for face2faceHR by a specialist lawyer), invoice templates, proposal templates in language that works and gets you business and client record sheets.

    Business management templates

    All those documents that make running a business easier such as cash flow spreadsheet, client database, warm list tracking and contact management database.

    Personal business strategy

    Specific tailored step by step section for your own business objectives, with support in breaking down and achieving those

    Work life balance

    You can grow your career with our comprehensive business package, while maintaining the flexibility you need for family life.

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