I’m back at work ‘properly’ now, after easing myself in a bit the first week and starting to get busier last week. I’m busy with clients, with franchise partners and with plans for 2017 generally, and am feeling excited and positive, which is great.

I have also been reflecting this morning on the month I had in December. And actually, now I think about it, it was ridiculous. I was reasonably busy with work, but actually where December goes bonkers for me is everything else.

I have two primary-school aged children, and as well as Christmas preparations generally, which are time consuming enough as it is, the month is a whirlwind of concerts, rehearsals, school fairs, nativity plays and various events. And I’ve been thinking this morning about how much harder it would be if I were still employed in a ‘normal’ HR role for a company.

I was able to go to two nativity plays, to the school annual Christmas ‘extravaganza’, to all the various rehearsals and concerts and was also able to work at home for large parts of December to be in for the numerous deliveries we had that month, as many people do, thus saving myself umpteen trips to the Post office or various parcel pick-up points! And in addition to all that, I was not at the mercy of a holiday rota as to whether I’d have to work Christmas eve/in between Christmas and New Year. Instead I was off most of the two week period, just checking emails and doing a tiny bit of work to ensure I didn’t get behind.

I take it massively for granted now, as I’ve been working for myself for nine years, but the ability to arrange my diary around all the extra commitments there are at Christmas time is absolutely invaluable, and it does me no harm at all to remind myself of that, and be thankful for the way self-employment makes the rest of my life so much more doable!


If you’d like to talk to me about self-employment as an HR consultant and how you can arrange it to suit your lifestyle as I have mine, do get in touch.